History, repurposed.

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Coin Rings

A coin has a story to tell, no matter where it's from. An heirloom, a momento from where you were born, or your year of birth, or maybe a connection to someone special? It doesn't matter, I can turn it into a ring you can wear to be passed on.

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Teaspoon Rings

There is nothing like the old fashioned ornate designs found on teaspoons from the past. A repurposed handle from the spoon (knife or fork) makes for some very unique silverware, and a keepsake with a difference.

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Spoon Pendants

When making a ring, be it the centre of the coin or the head of a spoon, they are often cast aside. I believe you should never waste a thing, and they make great pendants. Make a ring for yourself and give the pendant to that someone special.

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Spoon and Coin Centre Earrings

Some spoons are just too small to be rings, and sometimes you end up with matching coin centres. These make perfect earrings to be worn as a connection to the past, but modernised to still be on trend. It's the little things that matter.

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Handmade Jewellery, Repurposed From History

I look for items from history, that have meaning to the wearer, and repurpose them into jewellery you can wear, with a connection to the past, and a keepsake for the future.


The ring you made for me has made my day, remembering the country I was born in and all those memories from when I was a kid. Everyone asks me about it.


Who would have thought you could take two coins from the year we were married and turn them into such cool wedding bands. They're a real keepsake. Thanks!

Rick and Dana

The pendant you made me has such meaning, using my mum's wedding ring and combining it with a coin from where my dad was from and the year he was born.


I'm Simon

We all know the impact COVID has had around the globe, to our communities, our loved ones sick or even worse and ourselves. Before all this, I was one of those high flying executives, travelling across the world doing business in boardrooms, and just prior to February 2020 I was coming up to my fifth trip circumnavigating the planet. I know, it all sounds really cool, but in actual fact, it was taking a toll on my health.

It was then that I made a life changing decision. I stood back, took a long hard look and decided what is really important. I needed to change my course. So I quit all my board postings, stood down from numerous roles OS, flew back to my home town on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, and started Keepsake Foundry.

My goal, to connect with people, make unique items that matter, and bring joy to others through my jewellery.

Thanks for stopping by.