Coin Rings

How do I buy a coin ring?

As you can see from the gallery, every coin is different, and is unique to the person that ordered it. Each ring has a story, just like every coin has lived an interesting life. 

To order you own coin ring, you can go to my shop and choose a coin you love and provide me with your ring size in the comments at the end of the ordering process, or jump onto my Contact form, and shoot through your contact details and what it is that you're after. I will get in touch and we can discuss what you want me to make for you.

And before you hesitate, thinking "this sounds expensive", I can assure you, you will be very pleasantly surprised. I simply charge for the coin cost if I am supplying the coin (that's my cost, no margin), plus the time to make you a ring, which I only charge $60 to do. Then add postage. I do this for the joy of connecting people and their stories, and making keepsakes, not for the money.